How We Survived? 5 Keys To Success
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How We Survived? 5 Keys To Success

How We Survived? 5 Keys To Success


“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”

A Weird Cat

Who said that? Maybe some guy who claims he’s a Chinese wiseman, but who really said that is a weird talking cat -not the one in the mobile game-. He\ It said that to Alice, a girl trapped in a magic world. But if you saw beyond words and ignored who said it, you might sense what we’re going to talk about!

“I want to be the BIGGEST company in the middle east”

Every Guy On Earth

Everyone in the market dreams of that, even Martin Luther King -the one who had the most famous dream-. But few got that true. Why?

“Dream is just a dream until you step up and make a specific plan to achieve it”

No one said that, no one famous, they say that in private sessions cost a fortune. Here it’s totally FREE!

Year 1932, small workshop in Misr Al-Qadima, few men are working hard to craft some pieces of furniture. They had their own song; “Greatness ain’t for weak minds. Success ain’t for those who drink cup of tea and smoke a cigarette in two hours too”. It’s not a real song too.

“Let’s do it” they never shouted it loud. “Let’s plan it first!” that’s exactly what they said. Draw, measure, imagine, imagine harder, plan, know each detail, we have everything in mind? Now, Let’s do it! Now they shout it out.

With such mentality and spirit, they crafted a lot of innovative furniture. How had they done it? Ask yourself “What future craftsmen would do?” It’s not about thinking outside the box, it’s about creating a whole new box with more dimensions of imagination.

Years and years passed, our beloved small workshop became a small factory. After dogs, machine is the best human’s friend. When you think beyond your human abilities, then you need a machine to execute what you have in mind.

Are you impressed? Then don’t! We need machines to shorten products cycle, for mass production, for more accurate ornaments and wood work, because humans can’t make laser rays from their eyes. Nothing’s romantic in our industry, guys!

Small factory became a bigger one. Huge projects are achieved.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Police Academy
  • Police Mosques
  • Hotels chains

And More.

Why did they trust us? There’s a triangle of successful projects: Quality – Time – Cost.

No one before us had used the word “PVC” as a material in manufacturing kitchens. Seeking highest quality forces you to update your materials dictionary every day. That’s what we do.

Planning makes everything clear like the sky in a sunny day. What you will do, what you won’t do, when you will do it. Because deadlines aren’t nightmares for those who plan an accurate schedule.

Cost doesn’t mean that very short unfair word “Expensive”. Cost means “What quality stands for your taste?” Highest quality? Like us? So, friend, you can’t buy a plastic car to drive on high speed roads. Also, you can’t buy cartoon chairs just because they’re cheap.

What can guide Alice in her maze? To know what she exactly needs. To seek it. We know what we want. What about you, my dear friend?

If you’re an Alice in some way, you are looking for something you can’t find. Any road can be taken, but can you afford the cost of unknown roads?

Take the road you trust!

We’re waiting for your visit.

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